Our engagements

Collaborating with ExoTalent ensures a meticulous search process and a shortlist of qualified candidates for companies from every industry. Here are our commitments that you can count on throughout our common mission:

  • Sourcing of candidates
  • Regular follow-ups on our activities
  • Transparency at all levels and total objectivity

In order to ensure we meet the objectives, you agree to:

  • Reply fast and provide quick feedback during the whole process
  • Share the necessary information for the success of the project
  • Give a clear view of your priorities so that we know how to move forward
  • Take the lead quickly after the candidates have been submitted

Project follow up:

  • You will be supported by a sourcing expert and a customer success specialist
  • Each week you will receive a follow-up on the number of hours accumulated and, if applicable, the number of candidates submitted

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