A talent pool sourcing agency offering maximum flexibility

70% of the recruiting cycle for 40% of the price.  With over 45 years of experience in recruiting solutions in Canada, particularly with its St-Amour division, the Magellan Group has created ExoTalent, the agency 100% dedicated to candidate sourcing. We have listened to our partners and wish to support the growth of Canadian companies of each business sector. ExoTalent offers a very flexible and affordable service since not all companies require the full cycle of a traditional recruitment process.  

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Talent sourcing strategy: what are the benefits?

Our human resources sourcing strategy offers 70% of the full recruiting cycle for 40% of the standard price, with the same service quality. Our services are available at an hourly rate or through the purchase of a bank of hours, and we support you in defining your needs.

We focus on:

  • Identifying and preselecting the best candidates matching your essential criteria to offer you a talent pipeline
  • Qualifying candidates according to your desired criteria
  • Taking advantage of our know-how and technological tools for sourcing and to ensure an optimal and relevant selection

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